When I moved into a new home after leaving a 20-year relationship I turned to DesignTheory to help me establish my new home. I could not describe what I wanted in terms of colour and things. I could only describe what I wanted in terms of its “spirit.” Adolphina and Leanne not only listened – they heard what I had to say and were able to translate my feelings and what I needed into tangible reality. They provided just the right balance between taking charge and making decisions with securing my opinion only on an as needed basis which suited me 100%. They never “forced an issue” but at the same time didn’t shrink from offering a strong opinion on what would be best with consideration for both aesthetics and functionality. They were completely transparent in all of their transactions and so my trusting them throughout the process was an easy thing for me to do. I guess the best testimonial is that 2 years later when I moved again – they were my first phone call!